Payments and Invoicing

Payment methods

  • I pay with card
    The Regulation of the buys is carried out by bank card. The recognized bank cards are: Visa and MasterCard. The buy price will be loaded in bank account of the client.
  • Paypal
    In this form the payment will be loaded as the client has hired with paypal of the same way the returns where the company has to pay some amount they will be realized by the same route.
    • Bank transfer
      In this form the payment will have to do a bank transfer in the advisable space of 24 hours indicating like concept the number of order. For example: TABAOORDER XXXXXX.

      THEY WERE GOING: ES14 0081 5097 1100 0128 2531
  • The payments with this method can be late from 24 until 48 hours depending on the entity from which the transference is done. Once there is the payment threw cash, we will proceed to realize the mailing of the order.


Inside the bundle of its order the invoice of its order will be sent. Also it can request us a copy of the above mentioned invoice sending a mail to is.